Tips for investing in Cryptocurrencies

Today we bring you an article in which we review important points to consider before buying cryptocurrencies as an investment investing in cryptos.
There are still many people who do not dare to take the step to not understand or fear of losing money. One of the objectives that we have proposed in Tikebit is to help and provide information to those who are not yet clear on how to start.
That is why today we mention some important points to keep in mind when investing.

What is your goal? Term and objectives of the investment.

Whenever you invest, in any situation, good to have in mind a term for the investment. Having a fixed deadline in mind helps your prospect when it comes to investing since you are mindful that the money you are going to invest will not be available for X time and may even become a loss.


It sounds too obvious to mention that information is necessary before investing, more than a tip, here we just want to highlight once again that the more knowledge you have about the currency in which you invest, the easier it will be to trust them. There are many scams and currencies with very ambitious projects that in the end do not go anywhere.

Pages and trusted companies

Cryptocurrencies are no longer that ‘fable’ that were almost a decade ago. There are websites and trusted companies such as Bit2Me in Spain or Coinbase in the US that already have a loyal customer base operating.
If it’s your first time investing in cryptocurrencies, try to use a brand that already sounds in advance, if you also want to invest in a slightly less popular project, check it out in Google, Forums or Bitcoin communities before taking a step forward.

There is no regulation

It is one of the strongest selling points of cryptocurrencies, the idea with which many dream of a decentralized system, without banks or governments controlling our finances.
The theory is good, but the practice carries risks since being a very young industry, still in the growth phase, it is normal for errors to occur, mostly human errors such as forgetting the passwords of the purse for cryptocurrencies or losing access to your account of any another way. In these cases, there is no compensation because since you are the sole owner of your digital money, if you lose your Bitcoins or other non-reversible transfer currencies, it would be almost impossible (if not impossible) to access these currencies again.


What we highlight in this article is that we should not be afraid to invest, simply be aware and be sensible with the amount of investment. Do things for a premeditated benefit and be very clear in what currency is invested and be sensible with how much money is invested.

Tips to increase my Testosterone level

Testosterone is the most important hormone in a group of hormones called androgens. It is essential for its important role in sexual function fat burners, in addition to helping us to develop muscle mass, maintain the density of bones and regulate hair growth.
When a person is doing well this is related to their abilities, but there is also a hormonal help given by the body. If a person triumphs and there is a possibility of continuing to win, then it is understood that that person is in “streak”, in this case the hormones that allow this are called Testosterone, which has its positive side and its negative side, in both cases We must know what to do.

For this reason we offer you the following tips:

  1. If one day you feel distressed or sad, you should put yourself in expansive positions, these help to increase your Testosterone level which will improve your memory level, your sight, to remember better, your mood improves and you become more persistent to the situation.
  2. Let’s say you have a sporting match, and you want to win, one must go prepared, before the match you go aside and begin to remember the times you won and you were successful, check the photos, videos, when you remember you feel that you are living the moment again, then as a result of it, Testosterone will rise again and its wonderful effects will return with you and the chance of success will increase.
  3. Let’s be careful with Testosterone is a hormone that can generate some addiction, because it generates power, sometimes you can act badly in the pursuit of that power, we must be cautious and know how to discern between good and bad.

The best golf ideas to give away

If your loved ones are golfers, in DEPIQUE stores you can find gifts with which you are sure to be successful. From a technical garment to a good sand wedge through a laser sight, there are many options for your family and friends to enjoy more golf thanks to your Christmas gifts ben hogan ft worth irons review.

Thermal jacket of Lady

Elegant padded waistcoat for women with silky touch, with extreme thermal insulation capacity thanks to its PRO-TERM technology. Its minimum weight, thickness and limited dimensions ensure total agility and freedom of movement during golf practice. In addition to being a very resistant garment, this vest repels water and stains.

Off-road pants from Señora (Alberto)

Golf enthusiasts can now play in all weather conditions with this pant of highly functional material. Thanks to its 3XDRY membrane, very insulating and breathable, this garment dries quickly and has the property of regulating the temperature. Comfortable, slim cut and with practical pockets. If you test them, you buy them for sure!

Super comfortable Lord’s Polo (Brax)

To feel comfortable doing the swing movement has been born this exclusive men’s polo, very thin, with thermal properties and high quality. Its careful manufacture and its contemporary design make it a garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any golfer looking for a polo of soft, warm and light feeling in the cold season. 

High performance socks (Stance)

Socks created for the practice of golf. They provide exceptional comfort throughout the tour and are characterized by their functionality and performance, without forgetting their original designs. They offer excellent cushioning, improved grip in heel and ankle and facilitate perspiration. With anatomically specific shape for left and right foot.

XXIO X, the latest in Drivers

The XXIO X driver is manufactured with the purpose of achieving three key technological advances: a larger sweet spot on the clubface, a lightweight design optimized to modulate the speed of the swings, and an “intelligent impact” axis that helps to stimulate the contact with the ball so that you gain in speed and distance. Unparalleled experiences that will help you enjoy your golf much more. 

Titleist AP3, the high speed of the irons

The new Titleist AP3 provides greater speed and tolerance for better performance. Ideal for players who need a solid feeling that gives them control of the shape they prefer. The AP3s concentrate the best of their previous versions, AP1 and AP2, which in this occasion merge their technological advances to create faster irons that will ensure greater distance.

Wedge Cleveland CBX, let yourself be surprised!

Thanks to its rear cavity design, the Cleveland CBX wedge makes the short game much more versatile, while helping to produce more spin and improving ball control on both turf and bunker. Its Feel Balancing technology improves sensation, stability and control of distance.

The future of the Putter is Odyssey O-Works # 7 of Callaway

Always with innovation by flag, Odyssey takes a step forward with the O-Works # 7 model, which provides a great sense of impact, more stable and consistent. In addition, it improves your alignment with the target, promotes a more constant movement and, consequently, the direction of the ball is much more refined. Check the excellence of this putter, developed with the best players in the world to get the best performance.

Improve your putt with Wellputt 3 m (Boston Golf)

This is the quintessential mouse pad to train the putt at home, both for its quality and for the exercise book it includes to improve the alignment, trajectory and amplitude of the stroke. Three meters of carpet that you can place in any interior and that will help you with the mental learning of the distance, combining it with the corporal movement and visual reference points. It is the perfect gift for this Christmas.

Gain confidence with the COOLSHOT 20 Laser Viewfinder (Nikon)

Thanks to Nikon COOLSHOT 20, a very compact and lightweight six-power laser rangefinder, your strokes will be masters. With the simple push of a button, you can know the exact distance to the selected targets on the street or from the tee. Enjoy clear vision and precise measurements at distances of up to 500 meters!

A lightweight and comfortable club bag (Ping)

A classic bag of clubs with tripod, with all the necessary compartments to keep the essential equipment and accessories at hand. Lightweight and waterproof, its pockets are always accessible and the poles are not crowded thanks to the spacious spacers that it incorporates. The shoulder pads for comfortable transport are equipped with Cool Sensor technology that repels moisture from sweat.

The soft flying ball, Mizuno JPX

A new generation of large core golf balls, soft compression and a more durable cover. A choice that will benefit golfers with slower swing under normal conditions, although more experienced players can also take advantage of their advantages, especially in case of winter weather. Giving the ball was never so pleasant!

Tips to sell your house

Selling is important if we want to buy. And the sale, according to real estate specialists, is very linked to the aspect we present in our home. Some photographs that show a dirty and dilapidated environment; with clutter or overloaded, is not ideal for someone to visit.
The “home staging” is a marketing technique, “a staging”, details the interior designer Laura Gärna, which consists of preparing a property for sale. A very common trend in the United States that is increasingly implemented in other latitudes sell my house fast houston.
It treats, says the decorator, of, “updating four basic points, at least among them painting, emptying the building, repairing furniture, changing floors and enhancing light. Taking into account that the first impression is the one that counts, and that where the house is first seen is through the internet, it is fundamental that the photographs are really good, “says Gärna.


The walls should be free of damage and stains and, when painting, it is best to opt for neutral tones that provide light.
The furniture must match the color of the walls. Avoid overloading the space. The idea is to opt for light furniture, which allows the passage to be fluid in daily life. Warm pieces, even of different styles, that offer a cozy atmosphere, “so much, that they want to stay”, comment the interior designer.
The company of bricolaje, home and garden, Bricoprivé bet for an economic option and that does not require work to change the floor, proposes to employ vinyl or linoleum self-adhesive.
A solution in which the new floor is easily placed on top of the old one. Another option that they pose is the installation of the resin floor or the floating floor. None of these materials requires work and are 30 percent cheaper than tiling.


Lighting is a key detail for new owners, both natural and artificial, which is why you have to take care of it and guide it so that both combine creating a good atmosphere with light bulbs, which should provide the right power for each room.
The real estate portal Housell warns that there are two basic concerns about the purchase of a home: distribution and orientation. The orientation determines what rooms in the house will have more natural light and heat, which is also important when it comes to saving energy.
He also advises to “depersonalize” the house and look for a decoration that may please all kinds of clients.
This real estate portal advises decorating with some “vintage” furniture to attract the “millennial” public, as well as decorating with plants that bring freshness to the hall or dining room. A public that does not find it unfavorable to avoid closets and closed spaces to place clothes. “A modern touch always gives a feeling of freedom, spaciousness and tranquility.”


If there is a garden or terrace, you have to get “the most out of it”, says Laura Gärna. The lawn must be perfectly arranged; green plants, if they are already dry, it is best to remove them.
The terraces should look clear, not like the storage room that we do not have, but that in view we should need if we store “junk” in it.
It is obvious, but it is worth remembering that the house should look clean, without waste on the kitchen table or misplaced furniture.
At the time of the prospective buyer going to see the house, it must be taken into account that the smell of tobacco, food or animals is eliminated with suitable air fresheners.

10 tips to sell your house before the neighbor

Although there are no official statistics, the average term to sell a home in Spain is usually around nine months. If the apartment is located in large capitals such as Madrid or Barcelona then the term falls to six months. But it is possible to sell it before four months if it has an adequate price, if it is renovated or if the environment of the house is neutral and does not have very personal elements sell my house fast houston.
According to the real estate Monapart , a common mistake is to lower the price again and again as the months go by and the house cannot be sold. This firm provides the following 10 tips to sell the house in less than 120 days:
1. Make sure you have the most relevant documentation for the sale of the home. “Sometimes operations have been lost or complicated because at the time of signing, the deeds did not appear,” says José Luis Echeverría, partner at Monapart.
2. Take time to select a good real estate agent. With one is enough, but make sure it is the one that best represents your interests throughout the process.
3. Request a comparative analysis of the market to help you assess your home. In many cases, says the representative of Monapart, the customer goes to the real estate agency with a preconceived idea of ​​how much your home can be worth. Also in many cases the agent does not take him out of his mistake by not losing the operation. The result can be summarized in time and money wasted for not focusing the operation well.
4. Share your forecasts of time to sell with your agent, and let yourself be advised on the most suitable price strategy for your future plans.
5. Ask your agent to explain your marketing plan. What are you going to do to sell your apartment? “In Monapart this is one of the most important issues. We recorded and photographed not only the homes of our clients; we also recorded the owners in video capsules that Monapart baptizes as #inmotions. Who better than the owner to describe how the sun comes in the morning or the smell of fresh grass at night?
6. Decide, together with your agent, the improvements to be made: repair defects, tune bathrooms and kitchen, ensure good lighting, paint. “It is proven that the customer values ​​the improvements 25% above their actual cost.”
7. Request an invoice and keep a record: of all the money invested in the improvement expenses. You can deduct it from the taxes on the profits of the sale.
8. Neutralize the environment: “Learn from the big builders. The client should feel as if he were visiting a pilot-floor. Outside decorative objects, packages or personal effects in the bathrooms, “he says.
9. Stay home during visits. Potential buyers will feel more comfortable being able to walk freely around your home and talking freely with your real estate agent.
10. Request permanent information on the evolution of the process. Monapart offers its customers the possibility of knowing day by day the evolution of its sale in the Owner’s Panel. “Through this tool, the seller can see at all times the pace of visits, customer comments and offers received.”

3 key steps to succeed on Instagram

You know that Instagram has a lot of potential, but you do not know how to get the most out of it. Do not worry; today we are going to review some key aspects crucial to succeed in the fashion social network.
Instagram is one of the most visual ways of telling what we want through short photos and videos, and it helps us connect with other people, not only on a personal level, but Instagram allows us to build good business relationships buyiglikes buy ig likes.

The first thing: the profile and the hashtags

When creating a profile, you will ask for a username, through which you will find us; Our recommendation is to use, if possible, the same user we have on Twitter. At the same time, we can use the description of our profile to enter keywords and be easier to find in searches. And finally, take advantage of the colorful emoticons to liven up and animate the action.
As for the issue of hashtags, you should know that you can (but should not) use up to 30 different hashtags in a photo. However, do not get carried away by emotion. The tips when using hashtags:
  • Focus on your niche, do not write hashtags because yes: be relevant.
  • Put a few in the original post, between three and five (and take advantage of the comments to add more).
  • Find out which are the most popular hashtags in your sector or among your audience, and use them with your head: if we talk about #amor it may not have anything to do with your restaurant, but it is important that #comida.

Encourage participation

In Instagram you have to be an active person, as in the rest of social networks. Users like to know that behind the account that follows there is a real person. To build good professional relationships with clients you have several points to consider:
  • Include “calls to action” in your photos, like liking the garment that they like the most in the new season.
  • Take advantage of the vein of being able to put localization in your posts, especially if your business is local.
  • Do not forget to promote your link to your website or blog!
  • Look for other similar accounts and try to establish a good relationship with them; For example, you can promote the other’s Instagram account.
  • If you want to be heard and want to do it publicly, tag the user in turn in your next post.
  • Do not underestimate the power of the word: you can write up to 2000 characters in each post!
  • Comment on other users’ posts, they love it!
  • Do not forget to control your statistics

A good strategy, whatever the type, needs to be controlled before, during and after the application of the techniques that we use. Only then will we know if we are on the right track or if we must make some changes to really succeed on Instagram. One of my favorites is, without a doubt, Statigr am, with many options for a very exhaustive control.

Using Instagram successfully as a marketing channel – That’s the way it works

Successful instagrammers have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the popular social media platform focused on expressive images and visual communication. Before you jealously look at these numbers and think you cannot reach them anyway: do not worry! You too canbe successful with Instagram to buy real instagram comments, and not even that many followers are needed. Learn the most important steps to your successful Instagram account today and get started!

Is Instagram the right social network for your brand / product?

Answering this first question is crucial to your subsequent success. No one can dance at all weddings, and every social network has its own requirements. You should concentrate on two, at most three social media channels that you record regularly. An idle account, which is only occasionally filled and floats to itself, can even be counterproductive in the worst case.
Instagram is perfect for you if you visually showcase your products and services, your brand and your business, and (d) tell a story in pictures.

Do you have the possibility to create strong images or have them created?

If you sell products, it’s not enough just to upload the product images and hope for reactions. You need photos of your products in action that are visually appealing, individual and above all emotional. Most users on Instagram are very young, the 13-19 year olds in Germany in 2016, the largest user group , followed immediately by the 20-24 year olds. These users are extremely visually inclined. Instead of being convinced with a full-bodied description, they must be captured and held with ever new images. You should post at least one great picture daily. If that suits your business, go ahead!

What do you want to achieve with Instagram?

Sure, you want to be successful, but what does that mean for you? Before you start, you need a goal, otherwise you will run away or be distracted too easily. For example, if you want to get more customers excited about your products, you can start to focus attention on your business and increase the visibility of your brand. For that, you need creative ideas that stand out from the mass of posts. What is particularly well received and can permanently ban users is topics that can be used to create a series, something that you do or show every day or every week.
If you set goals for yourself, they should be concrete and measurable. So you can commit to gain 1000 subscribers within a year, or increase your engagement rate (which is the sum of interactions with a post in relation to the number of your subscribers) to 5%.
Of course there are suitable apps to control your success, for example Iconosquare. This application even allows you to track the success of your competitors in the Pro variant.

Who do you want to reach with Instagram?

The importance of a clearly defined target group cannot be emphasized enough. Make specific thoughts on which you are doing your offer – and with your Instagram account as well – and let a representative person become real in front of your eyes. This “Persona” you speak from now on in all your actions concretely. You’ll be amazed how your effectiveness improves.

The overall impression counts

If you know what and for whom you want to post, then it still lacks the how. Create your profile in such a way that it creates a harmonious impression in visual language and tonality, whereby of course you should orientate yourself to the expectations of your target group. If your product is especially exclusive, then you work with high-quality images and a reduced color scheme, but if you have a creative business, then your images should be correspondingly colorful and cheerful. In any case, make sure that they fit into the Instagram universe and pick up the corresponding looks. Edeka is a prime example of this, because it convinces with harmonious colors and an appealing image structure.

Create ideas

Having a new, creative idea every day can be quite exhausting, so plan your strategy in advance and use the flow of ideas. The following suggestions can help you:
  • Place your product in the foreground.
  • Show a person using your product.
  • Give a look behind the scenes.
  • Show more about yourself and your partners.
  • Post a quote.
  • Join a recent Instagram trend like #fromwhereistand.

Congratulations, you are in the middle of it! Now it’s time to stay tuned and keep going. You should not underestimate the effort of Instagram, but when the first successes come up, then it’s really fun!

Link your Facebook corporate page to your Instagram account

Images you upload to Instagram can also be shared on Facebook in one click, and so easily increase the number of people watching your post. Even your Instagram stories, the short video clips that delete themselves after 24 hours, are displayed on Facebook.

Tips for everyday Instagram

What are your categories?
Find the topics around your business that you can inspire and enjoy. This is the best way to reach other people. Enthusiasm is contagious! These are the categories for your #hashtags, of which you can easily use 5-30 pieces per post. Users only have hashtags that actually match your post.
Upload only the best pictures
Make the most of creative photo ideas and use the available filters and apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang to tell a story. You do not need a photo studio: natural light and a tripod are enough to make convincing pictures.
Communicate with your community
It’s called social media because it’s about being together. While presenting your products, it’s always about the relationship between your followers and you. Come into the conversation, answer comments and questions and just be “human”.
Use Instagram from the calculator
Although Instagram is actually a smartphone app, it can also be used on a PC or Mac if you follow a few tricks. Of course you can log in any way from the stationary computer at Instagram and also like and comment on pictures. However, what does not work well is the uploading of images. Those who are not keen to make all the pictures with their mobile phones and do not want to miss the opportunity to show their photos, which have been elaborately edited on the computer, also on Instagram, proceed as follows:
Open Instagram in Chrome.
Right-click in the page and select “Examine”. The page will now be displayed in mobile mode, allowing you to choose between different devices.

5 Tricks to create the best shirt design

After all, if you want to do business and sales with your designs, you will need a design that stands out from the crowd and that draws attention so that your brand starts to be seen more. The truth is that finding a suitable shirt model is difficult, but even more difficult is to create the perfect design for that shirt personalized t shirts for family.
Do not panic and keep reading. Below you will find 10 tips to create the perfect t-shirt design. And if you get nervous, you can always contact us and we will advise you on what you need.

1. Take your time to create the best t-shirt design

Reaching the top with a good design does not happen by chance. Even the best designers in the world, need to take their time always to carry out their creations. When you are creating a design for shirts, you must make sure that you like it and the only way is having taken your time to do it with peace of mind, and seeing that everything is as perfect as possible.
A good idea is to have your idea in constant development. That is, when you have the design ready and you think it is finished, take one last look and check it with the pillow. The next day, go back to your design and apply all the changes you think you need to improve it and check back with the pillow.
The moment you do not need to make more changes, it will be when you have created something that you can feel proud of.

2. Place your design on a t-shirt: Create a preview

At Garment Printing, we create a preview, mock-up so that our customers can see what their design will look like before it is printed.
It will be easier for you if you make a montage on a shirt, to know if that is what you really wanted and it is as you imagined it.
On the Internet you can find a multitude of mock-ups to get to know how your design will look on the shirt, or to help you decide how you want to position it. For example, on the GraphicBurger website you can find many mock-ups to work on your design in a more realistic way.
In this other article we explain how to design a t-shirt using Photoshop.
Another technique also very effective, is to print your design to the size you want and place it on a shirt . So you can have an idea of ​​the actual dimensions of your design, and how it will be in proportion to the printed personalized t-shirt.

3. Less is more in the design of shirts

We all know how to appreciate Fine Arts, skill in drawing and images with great detail. And in Garment Printing, as lovers of good t-shirt designs, we like the images that make you open-mouthed or that make you turn your head in the middle of the street to see that design in detail.
A striking design is important; however, remember that the best and most effective designs in history have always been the simplest. If you are looking to create a t-shirt with a slogan or to promote your brand, always remember that less is more, and in many cases the message will be clearer and easier for the viewer to remember.
How many brands have used the design of the Ramones to promote their business and / or brand?
Many, too many. This is because people recognize the design and make them stay looking therefore see the slogan.

4. Know your audience:

One of the first questions that you must ask when designing shirts, is to which audience is directed? For men or women? How old will the audience be to whom the shirts will be addressed?
If you want to make a product for people to wear, you should know how to define what profile these people have and design depending on them.
So before you get down to work designing this shirt, first stop to think about who your product is aimed at and look for inspiration or some guidelines to follow in brands that have a style similar to the one you want to create. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, but the tastes of the people to whom the shirt design is addressed.

5. Do not be offensive:

If you are thinking of adding a bit of humor to your design, try not to make offensive or harsh messages. The designers of this type of products always try to make eye-catching designs but keeping the key of humor in a respectful tone.
In the same way, if you want to create a product with a political or religious message for those who share the same ideas, we must bear in mind that not everyone will have the same opinion or religious beliefs for which we must remain respectful in what we say.

Advantages Fiber Optic vs Copper

1. Higher transmission speed and bandwidth. 
Thanks to its greater bandwidth, fiber optic patch panel price allows us to transmit at a higher speed than copper . For example, with a copper cable Cat6 UTP transmits at a speed of 1Gb at a distance of 90 mtrs, while a Multimode Optical Fiber OM3 transmits at a speed of 10Gb up to 300 mtrs (1Gb to 900 mtrs.)
2. Longer transmission distances. 
The attenuation of the signal in Fiber Optics is much lower than in copper, which requires a smaller amount of amplifications.
3. Immune to electrical interference. 
Since Fiber Optics is a totally dielectric material, it does not conduct electricity, being immune to electromagnetic interferences, distortions, noise, etc., as those that appear in copper cables.
4. Small size. 
12 Fiber Optic hose depending on the type of cover has a diameter of about 8 mm. on average, allowing 6 links, while a single copper Cat6 UTP cable link , has a diameter greater than 6 mm (23 AWG)
5. Light weight. 
The Fiber Optic is made with silicon glass, which makes it reduce the weight to a minimum. Depending on the type of cover and construction of the hose we can get an average of about 20 Kg per kilometer, in a hose of 12 Optical Fibers, while a copper cable Cat6 UTP are about 30 Kg per kilometer.
6. Energy Efficiency. 
When the light signal degrades less, than the electrical signals, the transmitters for this task, need a lower working voltage.
7. Security 
Data: Being the transmission through a beam of light through the core of the fiber optic patch panel manufacturer, it is practically impossible to intervene the signal. People: There are no problems due to grounding, sparks, voltages …

5 tips for choosing a stair lift chair

Stairlifts have become an essential element to overcome architectural barriers for people with reduced mobility or who have some type of disability. They are very comfortable and can be installed both on the street and inside a house. However, to buy a stairlift , it is necessary to be clear about some issues. At Disel Studio, your elevator installation company in Madrid, we know that choosing between the multiple models of stair lift chairs is not an easy task. For this reason, we leave you some tips to choose the most suitable for your home (MONTASCALE).


It is important to know that when we need to install this system outdoors, we must ensure that it will be prepared to withstand the existing weather conditions and the wear and tear of time. Only in this way will we achieve a lasting system. Once this is understood, we will help you, when it comes time to choose a stair lift chair, do it with full knowledge of the cause. For this, it is necessary that you bear in mind the following 5 tips:
Know the types of stairlifts that exist in the market
Stairlifts can be classified according to the flight of stairs: straight or curved. Depending on one or another format the system will be different. Both can be used indoors or outdoors. The first thing you must be clear about is the architectural barrier to overcome to find the one that suits your needs.

Necessary space

Before choosing a stairlift, it is important to know the space we have. They exist of all sizes. In addition, folding chairs are a perfect alternative for small places.


It is fundamental to review the elements that include the installation process such as rails, battery, folding seat, platform, electrical system, etc. The duration of the installation process is also a factor to consider. Remember that these are elements whose set-up usually lasts for hours.


When you request the price of the stair lift chair, it must include sales tax, transportation and installation. If not, do not accept the purchase.
This type of products must be transported and installed by professionals, such as those you will find in Disel Studio.


Decide for the stair lift chairs that offer you the best support guarantees after the purchase. Although nothing has to happen, it is always advisable to be able to count when necessary with an adequate technical department to solve any problem. In Disel Studio, we offer you the best post-purchase guarantee for your peace of mind.