Advantages Fiber Optic vs Copper

1. Higher transmission speed and bandwidth. 
Thanks to its greater bandwidth, fiber optic patch panel price allows us to transmit at a higher speed than copper . For example, with a copper cable Cat6 UTP transmits at a speed of 1Gb at a distance of 90 mtrs, while a Multimode Optical Fiber OM3 transmits at a speed of 10Gb up to 300 mtrs (1Gb to 900 mtrs.)
2. Longer transmission distances. 
The attenuation of the signal in Fiber Optics is much lower than in copper, which requires a smaller amount of amplifications.
3. Immune to electrical interference. 
Since Fiber Optics is a totally dielectric material, it does not conduct electricity, being immune to electromagnetic interferences, distortions, noise, etc., as those that appear in copper cables.
4. Small size. 
12 Fiber Optic hose depending on the type of cover has a diameter of about 8 mm. on average, allowing 6 links, while a single copper Cat6 UTP cable link , has a diameter greater than 6 mm (23 AWG)
5. Light weight. 
The Fiber Optic is made with silicon glass, which makes it reduce the weight to a minimum. Depending on the type of cover and construction of the hose we can get an average of about 20 Kg per kilometer, in a hose of 12 Optical Fibers, while a copper cable Cat6 UTP are about 30 Kg per kilometer.
6. Energy Efficiency. 
When the light signal degrades less, than the electrical signals, the transmitters for this task, need a lower working voltage.
7. Security 
Data: Being the transmission through a beam of light through the core of the fiber optic patch panel manufacturer, it is practically impossible to intervene the signal. People: There are no problems due to grounding, sparks, voltages …