Using Instagram successfully as a marketing channel – That’s the way it works

Successful instagrammers have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the popular social media platform focused on expressive images and visual communication. Before you jealously look at these numbers and think you cannot reach them anyway: do not worry! You too canbe successful with Instagram to buy real instagram comments, and not even that many followers are needed. Learn the most important steps to your successful Instagram account today and get started!

Is Instagram the right social network for your brand / product?

Answering this first question is crucial to your subsequent success. No one can dance at all weddings, and every social network has its own requirements. You should concentrate on two, at most three social media channels that you record regularly. An idle account, which is only occasionally filled and floats to itself, can even be counterproductive in the worst case.
Instagram is perfect for you if you visually showcase your products and services, your brand and your business, and (d) tell a story in pictures.

Do you have the possibility to create strong images or have them created?

If you sell products, it’s not enough just to upload the product images and hope for reactions. You need photos of your products in action that are visually appealing, individual and above all emotional. Most users on Instagram are very young, the 13-19 year olds in Germany in 2016, the largest user group , followed immediately by the 20-24 year olds. These users are extremely visually inclined. Instead of being convinced with a full-bodied description, they must be captured and held with ever new images. You should post at least one great picture daily. If that suits your business, go ahead!

What do you want to achieve with Instagram?

Sure, you want to be successful, but what does that mean for you? Before you start, you need a goal, otherwise you will run away or be distracted too easily. For example, if you want to get more customers excited about your products, you can start to focus attention on your business and increase the visibility of your brand. For that, you need creative ideas that stand out from the mass of posts. What is particularly well received and can permanently ban users is topics that can be used to create a series, something that you do or show every day or every week.
If you set goals for yourself, they should be concrete and measurable. So you can commit to gain 1000 subscribers within a year, or increase your engagement rate (which is the sum of interactions with a post in relation to the number of your subscribers) to 5%.
Of course there are suitable apps to control your success, for example Iconosquare. This application even allows you to track the success of your competitors in the Pro variant.

Who do you want to reach with Instagram?

The importance of a clearly defined target group cannot be emphasized enough. Make specific thoughts on which you are doing your offer – and with your Instagram account as well – and let a representative person become real in front of your eyes. This “Persona” you speak from now on in all your actions concretely. You’ll be amazed how your effectiveness improves.

The overall impression counts

If you know what and for whom you want to post, then it still lacks the how. Create your profile in such a way that it creates a harmonious impression in visual language and tonality, whereby of course you should orientate yourself to the expectations of your target group. If your product is especially exclusive, then you work with high-quality images and a reduced color scheme, but if you have a creative business, then your images should be correspondingly colorful and cheerful. In any case, make sure that they fit into the Instagram universe and pick up the corresponding looks. Edeka is a prime example of this, because it convinces with harmonious colors and an appealing image structure.

Create ideas

Having a new, creative idea every day can be quite exhausting, so plan your strategy in advance and use the flow of ideas. The following suggestions can help you:
  • Place your product in the foreground.
  • Show a person using your product.
  • Give a look behind the scenes.
  • Show more about yourself and your partners.
  • Post a quote.
  • Join a recent Instagram trend like #fromwhereistand.

Congratulations, you are in the middle of it! Now it’s time to stay tuned and keep going. You should not underestimate the effort of Instagram, but when the first successes come up, then it’s really fun!

Link your Facebook corporate page to your Instagram account

Images you upload to Instagram can also be shared on Facebook in one click, and so easily increase the number of people watching your post. Even your Instagram stories, the short video clips that delete themselves after 24 hours, are displayed on Facebook.

Tips for everyday Instagram

What are your categories?
Find the topics around your business that you can inspire and enjoy. This is the best way to reach other people. Enthusiasm is contagious! These are the categories for your #hashtags, of which you can easily use 5-30 pieces per post. Users only have hashtags that actually match your post.
Upload only the best pictures
Make the most of creative photo ideas and use the available filters and apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang to tell a story. You do not need a photo studio: natural light and a tripod are enough to make convincing pictures.
Communicate with your community
It’s called social media because it’s about being together. While presenting your products, it’s always about the relationship between your followers and you. Come into the conversation, answer comments and questions and just be “human”.
Use Instagram from the calculator
Although Instagram is actually a smartphone app, it can also be used on a PC or Mac if you follow a few tricks. Of course you can log in any way from the stationary computer at Instagram and also like and comment on pictures. However, what does not work well is the uploading of images. Those who are not keen to make all the pictures with their mobile phones and do not want to miss the opportunity to show their photos, which have been elaborately edited on the computer, also on Instagram, proceed as follows:
Open Instagram in Chrome.
Right-click in the page and select “Examine”. The page will now be displayed in mobile mode, allowing you to choose between different devices.