Tips for investing in Cryptocurrencies

Today we bring you an article in which we review important points to consider before buying cryptocurrencies as an investment investing in cryptos.
There are still many people who do not dare to take the step to not understand or fear of losing money. One of the objectives that we have proposed in Tikebit is to help and provide information to those who are not yet clear on how to start.
That is why today we mention some important points to keep in mind when investing.

What is your goal? Term and objectives of the investment.

Whenever you invest, in any situation, good to have in mind a term for the investment. Having a fixed deadline in mind helps your prospect when it comes to investing since you are mindful that the money you are going to invest will not be available for X time and may even become a loss.


It sounds too obvious to mention that information is necessary before investing, more than a tip, here we just want to highlight once again that the more knowledge you have about the currency in which you invest, the easier it will be to trust them. There are many scams and currencies with very ambitious projects that in the end do not go anywhere.

Pages and trusted companies

Cryptocurrencies are no longer that ‘fable’ that were almost a decade ago. There are websites and trusted companies such as Bit2Me in Spain or Coinbase in the US that already have a loyal customer base operating.
If it’s your first time investing in cryptocurrencies, try to use a brand that already sounds in advance, if you also want to invest in a slightly less popular project, check it out in Google, Forums or Bitcoin communities before taking a step forward.

There is no regulation

It is one of the strongest selling points of cryptocurrencies, the idea with which many dream of a decentralized system, without banks or governments controlling our finances.
The theory is good, but the practice carries risks since being a very young industry, still in the growth phase, it is normal for errors to occur, mostly human errors such as forgetting the passwords of the purse for cryptocurrencies or losing access to your account of any another way. In these cases, there is no compensation because since you are the sole owner of your digital money, if you lose your Bitcoins or other non-reversible transfer currencies, it would be almost impossible (if not impossible) to access these currencies again.


What we highlight in this article is that we should not be afraid to invest, simply be aware and be sensible with the amount of investment. Do things for a premeditated benefit and be very clear in what currency is invested and be sensible with how much money is invested.

Tips to increase my Testosterone level

Testosterone is the most important hormone in a group of hormones called androgens. It is essential for its important role in sexual function fat burners, in addition to helping us to develop muscle mass, maintain the density of bones and regulate hair growth.
When a person is doing well this is related to their abilities, but there is also a hormonal help given by the body. If a person triumphs and there is a possibility of continuing to win, then it is understood that that person is in “streak”, in this case the hormones that allow this are called Testosterone, which has its positive side and its negative side, in both cases We must know what to do.

For this reason we offer you the following tips:

  1. If one day you feel distressed or sad, you should put yourself in expansive positions, these help to increase your Testosterone level which will improve your memory level, your sight, to remember better, your mood improves and you become more persistent to the situation.
  2. Let’s say you have a sporting match, and you want to win, one must go prepared, before the match you go aside and begin to remember the times you won and you were successful, check the photos, videos, when you remember you feel that you are living the moment again, then as a result of it, Testosterone will rise again and its wonderful effects will return with you and the chance of success will increase.
  3. Let’s be careful with Testosterone is a hormone that can generate some addiction, because it generates power, sometimes you can act badly in the pursuit of that power, we must be cautious and know how to discern between good and bad.

The best golf ideas to give away

If your loved ones are golfers, in DEPIQUE stores you can find gifts with which you are sure to be successful. From a technical garment to a good sand wedge through a laser sight, there are many options for your family and friends to enjoy more golf thanks to your Christmas gifts ben hogan ft worth irons review.

Thermal jacket of Lady

Elegant padded waistcoat for women with silky touch, with extreme thermal insulation capacity thanks to its PRO-TERM technology. Its minimum weight, thickness and limited dimensions ensure total agility and freedom of movement during golf practice. In addition to being a very resistant garment, this vest repels water and stains.

Off-road pants from SeƱora (Alberto)

Golf enthusiasts can now play in all weather conditions with this pant of highly functional material. Thanks to its 3XDRY membrane, very insulating and breathable, this garment dries quickly and has the property of regulating the temperature. Comfortable, slim cut and with practical pockets. If you test them, you buy them for sure!

Super comfortable Lord’s Polo (Brax)

To feel comfortable doing the swing movement has been born this exclusive men’s polo, very thin, with thermal properties and high quality. Its careful manufacture and its contemporary design make it a garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any golfer looking for a polo of soft, warm and light feeling in the cold season. 

High performance socks (Stance)

Socks created for the practice of golf. They provide exceptional comfort throughout the tour and are characterized by their functionality and performance, without forgetting their original designs. They offer excellent cushioning, improved grip in heel and ankle and facilitate perspiration. With anatomically specific shape for left and right foot.

XXIO X, the latest in Drivers

The XXIO X driver is manufactured with the purpose of achieving three key technological advances: a larger sweet spot on the clubface, a lightweight design optimized to modulate the speed of the swings, and an “intelligent impact” axis that helps to stimulate the contact with the ball so that you gain in speed and distance. Unparalleled experiences that will help you enjoy your golf much more. 

Titleist AP3, the high speed of the irons

The new Titleist AP3 provides greater speed and tolerance for better performance. Ideal for players who need a solid feeling that gives them control of the shape they prefer. The AP3s concentrate the best of their previous versions, AP1 and AP2, which in this occasion merge their technological advances to create faster irons that will ensure greater distance.

Wedge Cleveland CBX, let yourself be surprised!

Thanks to its rear cavity design, the Cleveland CBX wedge makes the short game much more versatile, while helping to produce more spin and improving ball control on both turf and bunker. Its Feel Balancing technology improves sensation, stability and control of distance.

The future of the Putter is Odyssey O-Works # 7 of Callaway

Always with innovation by flag, Odyssey takes a step forward with the O-Works # 7 model, which provides a great sense of impact, more stable and consistent. In addition, it improves your alignment with the target, promotes a more constant movement and, consequently, the direction of the ball is much more refined. Check the excellence of this putter, developed with the best players in the world to get the best performance.

Improve your putt with Wellputt 3 m (Boston Golf)

This is the quintessential mouse pad to train the putt at home, both for its quality and for the exercise book it includes to improve the alignment, trajectory and amplitude of the stroke. Three meters of carpet that you can place in any interior and that will help you with the mental learning of the distance, combining it with the corporal movement and visual reference points. It is the perfect gift for this Christmas.

Gain confidence with the COOLSHOT 20 Laser Viewfinder (Nikon)

Thanks to Nikon COOLSHOT 20, a very compact and lightweight six-power laser rangefinder, your strokes will be masters. With the simple push of a button, you can know the exact distance to the selected targets on the street or from the tee. Enjoy clear vision and precise measurements at distances of up to 500 meters!

A lightweight and comfortable club bag (Ping)

A classic bag of clubs with tripod, with all the necessary compartments to keep the essential equipment and accessories at hand. Lightweight and waterproof, its pockets are always accessible and the poles are not crowded thanks to the spacious spacers that it incorporates. The shoulder pads for comfortable transport are equipped with Cool Sensor technology that repels moisture from sweat.

The soft flying ball, Mizuno JPX

A new generation of large core golf balls, soft compression and a more durable cover. A choice that will benefit golfers with slower swing under normal conditions, although more experienced players can also take advantage of their advantages, especially in case of winter weather. Giving the ball was never so pleasant!