Buy Instagram followers – does that make any sense?

Last month I was visiting the Press Day of a really good, well-known PR agency in Munich. Among other things, she is responsible for the marketing of a designer – let’s call him K. – whom I personally like very much and a few of the shoulder bags that appear in the upcoming F / W season, I especially liked it.

So I asked the responsible PR lady, if a collaboration with this designer as a blogger is possible and how such a cooperation may take place. It said that you can borrow one or the other part, but to keep such a bag, you have at least 50k followers on buy instagram followers have. My answer to that was, “Okay, so if I buy 15,000 followers fast now, I can keep the bag, right?” Then the agency’s staff laughed and I realized that they really did not know how it is going on today such platforms. So I replied that this is not so unusual and how did they know that the 50k followers of a blogger who is considered “big enough” to cooperate with K. are all real ? The answer I received made me think so much that I just decided to write about it: “Well, let’s just assume, nobody does that “

There seems to be a great deal of need for education in this industry and I do not want to put the agency in a bad light, because I am passionate about their work and I love the diversity that is offered there. Nevertheless, I was shocked that I first had to explain that an estimated 70% of all “bloggers” have at least once bought a few followers.

When I inspect a large account (oh yeah, that’s what I would call it), I first ask myself: why does this person have so many buy real instagram followers ? If your photos are not inspiring or stand out from the crowd, I assume the 30k or 60k are not real. To make sure I look then who liket the photos of these accounts and comments . 50k followers and 5 comments per picture? Something is not right. 20k subscribers and 200 comments that only consist of “how beautiful”, “wow”, “love your style” (so-called supporter groups are very much in vogue)? Does not come too. Every 3rd Like comes from a private account with 10 subscribers and 29048938 subscriptions? There’s something really wrong.


Selling a property is not an easy task, you should keep in mind several factors that affect the sale is fast, safe, effective and in the shortest possible time sell house fast.


One of the key points to sell a property is the price, remember that the more just and close its value, the better your chances of negotiating it. It is recommended that you make an analysis of the sector and the behavior of the price value of the square meter.


When buying, selling or leasing a property it is necessary to have a friendly hand expert in real estate issues to achieve a successful business.
An agent will be the person who makes the transaction of the home, but also will guide you in all legal, tax and paperwork. If you are selling or leasing, this will be the person in charge of marketing and advertising the property. In addition, it will offer you a broad portfolio of professional services.


There is no doubt that ‘everything enters through the eyes’, therefore, having a property that is well arranged, clean, without structural damage, freshly painted and with modern finishes, will take all the eyes of potential customers.


A very important issue that must be done as a seller is to have all the documentation up to date, this includes: the certificate of freedom of the property, the deeds of the property, that the property has all public services and that these are up to date in their payment , that the house if it is located in a residential complex does not have debts in the administration and that the taxes (property and valuation) are canceled to date.
Resorting to a real estate is a good option; they will advise you in the legal part, they will help you with topics such as: contracts, clauses, register the sale and that you do not have future problems when selling your property.


It is clear that to sell a property requires effort, one of them is to dedicate time to receive calls and schedule visits to the house, even a weekend, remember that buyers can appear at any time and be available can help you close a fast business.


The ease, convenience and speed offered by real estate portals have generated an interesting market of potential buyers for your property. Therefore, keep in mind the advice that gives you if you are thinking of selling a property:
• Quality of the information: The Internet is a medium that will allow you to present the greatest detail and, in particular, tell the interested parties all the reasons why the property they publish is special.
This includes the price: lean on an expert in the sector to define the price or conduct a market survey. This will allow you to define a competitive price and, especially, a realistic price on your property and the market situation in which it is located.
• Quality in the photographs: it looks for that the decoration of the spaces is the least personal possible, avoids spaces full of furniture or tables with many objects on them. Take photos of all spaces in the home and publish them in a logical order of travel.
• Customer service:  you should be aware of the calls and contacts you will receive from people interested in the property; the speed of response is the key and expected by the users who will contact you by this means. A reasonable average waiting response is 4 hours in this medium.