The feet are our support and balance, often we leave them aside and we do not usually take care of them, until suddenly we realize that we have tired feet and it is the moment where we decided to give them a little attention. So I want to show you 5 tips to remedy tired feet (remedio de farmacia para unha encravada) and so you can avoid getting to that point, are some care that will always look and feel your feet.
1. Wear shoes of the correct size
It is very important that when you buy shoes you measure them and walk a bit with them so that you feel them; we always have one foot bigger than another, so buy the size that suits you best on the biggest foot. Avoid buying shoes that squeeze, for the simple fact that you love or are on offer, it is very likely that you do not use much. If you like to wear pointed shoes, check before you buy them that there is 1/2 inch between the fingers and the tip of the shoe, so they will fit better and will not hurt your feet.
2. Go barefoot as much as you can
Our feet are designed to walk outdoors, but it is logical that today is impossible, so try to be barefoot when you are at home, so you will give them a break and can stretch.
3. Exfoliate your feet
Try to do it at least twice a month, this will help to eliminate calluses and dead skin, making them look and feel more beautiful.
You can do it using a bucket full of warm water and a handful of sea salt and a few drops of some essence like lavender, let them soak for 20 minutes and then with a file of feet remove all the calluses.
If you have many calluses, here are some tips to remove calluses from the feet. Today I usually use Amope electric file, which facilitates everything.
4. Massage your feet
If you come back from work and feel that your feet are going to explode, it is best to dedicate them a little while and massages. I would recommend that before you start the massage, dip your feet in water with salt for a short time to deflate and then start the massage, and use a cream or oil to help your fingers slide.
5. Do not wear high-heeled shoes all day
We love to use them, but in reality it’s not so good that you walk around the whole day, often because of lazy loads we usually put on our heels in the morning and so we walk all day, whether you use public transport or andes by car, our feet at the end of the day are that they do not give more. Ideally, you should leave your house with comfortable shoes or tennis shoes and when you arrive at your work or school you wear your beloved heels, just as you finish your day you take them off and put your sneakers back to go home. I know it’s horrible to load but, veil on this side, your heels that you love so much will last longer and also you will not return home with sore feet. If flat doing all the above you continue with tired feet.