Buy Instagram followers – does that make any sense?

Last month I was visiting the Press Day of a really good, well-known PR agency in Munich. Among other things, she is responsible for the marketing of a designer – let’s call him K. – whom I personally like very much and a few of the shoulder bags that appear in the upcoming F / W season, I especially liked it.

So I asked the responsible PR lady, if a collaboration with this designer as a blogger is possible and how such a cooperation may take place. It said that you can borrow one or the other part, but to keep such a bag, you have at least 50k followers on buy instagram followers have. My answer to that was, “Okay, so if I buy 15,000 followers fast now, I can keep the bag, right?” Then the agency’s staff laughed and I realized that they really did not know how it is going on today such platforms. So I replied that this is not so unusual and how did they know that the 50k followers of a blogger who is considered “big enough” to cooperate with K. are all real ? The answer I received made me think so much that I just decided to write about it: “Well, let’s just assume, nobody does that “

There seems to be a great deal of need for education in this industry and I do not want to put the agency in a bad light, because I am passionate about their work and I love the diversity that is offered there. Nevertheless, I was shocked that I first had to explain that an estimated 70% of all “bloggers” have at least once bought a few followers.

When I inspect a large account (oh yeah, that’s what I would call it), I first ask myself: why does this person have so many buy real instagram followers ? If your photos are not inspiring or stand out from the crowd, I assume the 30k or 60k are not real. To make sure I look then who liket the photos of these accounts and comments . 50k followers and 5 comments per picture? Something is not right. 20k subscribers and 200 comments that only consist of “how beautiful”, “wow”, “love your style” (so-called supporter groups are very much in vogue)? Does not come too. Every 3rd Like comes from a private account with 10 subscribers and 29048938 subscriptions? There’s something really wrong.