Using Instagram successfully as a marketing channel – That’s the way it works

Successful instagrammers have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the popular social media platform focused on expressive images and visual communication. Before you jealously look at these numbers and think you cannot reach them anyway: do not worry! You too canbe successful with Instagram to buy real instagram comments, and not even that many followers are needed. Learn the most important steps to your successful Instagram account today and get started!

Is Instagram the right social network for your brand / product?

Answering this first question is crucial to your subsequent success. No one can dance at all weddings, and every social network has its own requirements. You should concentrate on two, at most three social media channels that you record regularly. An idle account, which is only occasionally filled and floats to itself, can even be counterproductive in the worst case.
Instagram is perfect for you if you visually showcase your products and services, your brand and your business, and (d) tell a story in pictures.

Do you have the possibility to create strong images or have them created?

If you sell products, it’s not enough just to upload the product images and hope for reactions. You need photos of your products in action that are visually appealing, individual and above all emotional. Most users on Instagram are very young, the 13-19 year olds in Germany in 2016, the largest user group , followed immediately by the 20-24 year olds. These users are extremely visually inclined. Instead of being convinced with a full-bodied description, they must be captured and held with ever new images. You should post at least one great picture daily. If that suits your business, go ahead!

What do you want to achieve with Instagram?

Sure, you want to be successful, but what does that mean for you? Before you start, you need a goal, otherwise you will run away or be distracted too easily. For example, if you want to get more customers excited about your products, you can start to focus attention on your business and increase the visibility of your brand. For that, you need creative ideas that stand out from the mass of posts. What is particularly well received and can permanently ban users is topics that can be used to create a series, something that you do or show every day or every week.
If you set goals for yourself, they should be concrete and measurable. So you can commit to gain 1000 subscribers within a year, or increase your engagement rate (which is the sum of interactions with a post in relation to the number of your subscribers) to 5%.
Of course there are suitable apps to control your success, for example Iconosquare. This application even allows you to track the success of your competitors in the Pro variant.

Who do you want to reach with Instagram?

The importance of a clearly defined target group cannot be emphasized enough. Make specific thoughts on which you are doing your offer – and with your Instagram account as well – and let a representative person become real in front of your eyes. This “Persona” you speak from now on in all your actions concretely. You’ll be amazed how your effectiveness improves.

The overall impression counts

If you know what and for whom you want to post, then it still lacks the how. Create your profile in such a way that it creates a harmonious impression in visual language and tonality, whereby of course you should orientate yourself to the expectations of your target group. If your product is especially exclusive, then you work with high-quality images and a reduced color scheme, but if you have a creative business, then your images should be correspondingly colorful and cheerful. In any case, make sure that they fit into the Instagram universe and pick up the corresponding looks. Edeka is a prime example of this, because it convinces with harmonious colors and an appealing image structure.

Create ideas

Having a new, creative idea every day can be quite exhausting, so plan your strategy in advance and use the flow of ideas. The following suggestions can help you:
  • Place your product in the foreground.
  • Show a person using your product.
  • Give a look behind the scenes.
  • Show more about yourself and your partners.
  • Post a quote.
  • Join a recent Instagram trend like #fromwhereistand.

Congratulations, you are in the middle of it! Now it’s time to stay tuned and keep going. You should not underestimate the effort of Instagram, but when the first successes come up, then it’s really fun!

Link your Facebook corporate page to your Instagram account

Images you upload to Instagram can also be shared on Facebook in one click, and so easily increase the number of people watching your post. Even your Instagram stories, the short video clips that delete themselves after 24 hours, are displayed on Facebook.

Tips for everyday Instagram

What are your categories?
Find the topics around your business that you can inspire and enjoy. This is the best way to reach other people. Enthusiasm is contagious! These are the categories for your #hashtags, of which you can easily use 5-30 pieces per post. Users only have hashtags that actually match your post.
Upload only the best pictures
Make the most of creative photo ideas and use the available filters and apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang to tell a story. You do not need a photo studio: natural light and a tripod are enough to make convincing pictures.
Communicate with your community
It’s called social media because it’s about being together. While presenting your products, it’s always about the relationship between your followers and you. Come into the conversation, answer comments and questions and just be “human”.
Use Instagram from the calculator
Although Instagram is actually a smartphone app, it can also be used on a PC or Mac if you follow a few tricks. Of course you can log in any way from the stationary computer at Instagram and also like and comment on pictures. However, what does not work well is the uploading of images. Those who are not keen to make all the pictures with their mobile phones and do not want to miss the opportunity to show their photos, which have been elaborately edited on the computer, also on Instagram, proceed as follows:
Open Instagram in Chrome.
Right-click in the page and select “Examine”. The page will now be displayed in mobile mode, allowing you to choose between different devices.

5 Tricks to create the best shirt design

After all, if you want to do business and sales with your designs, you will need a design that stands out from the crowd and that draws attention so that your brand starts to be seen more. The truth is that finding a suitable shirt model is difficult, but even more difficult is to create the perfect design for that shirt personalized t shirts for family.
Do not panic and keep reading. Below you will find 10 tips to create the perfect t-shirt design. And if you get nervous, you can always contact us and we will advise you on what you need.

1. Take your time to create the best t-shirt design

Reaching the top with a good design does not happen by chance. Even the best designers in the world, need to take their time always to carry out their creations. When you are creating a design for shirts, you must make sure that you like it and the only way is having taken your time to do it with peace of mind, and seeing that everything is as perfect as possible.
A good idea is to have your idea in constant development. That is, when you have the design ready and you think it is finished, take one last look and check it with the pillow. The next day, go back to your design and apply all the changes you think you need to improve it and check back with the pillow.
The moment you do not need to make more changes, it will be when you have created something that you can feel proud of.

2. Place your design on a t-shirt: Create a preview

At Garment Printing, we create a preview, mock-up so that our customers can see what their design will look like before it is printed.
It will be easier for you if you make a montage on a shirt, to know if that is what you really wanted and it is as you imagined it.
On the Internet you can find a multitude of mock-ups to get to know how your design will look on the shirt, or to help you decide how you want to position it. For example, on the GraphicBurger website you can find many mock-ups to work on your design in a more realistic way.
In this other article we explain how to design a t-shirt using Photoshop.
Another technique also very effective, is to print your design to the size you want and place it on a shirt . So you can have an idea of ​​the actual dimensions of your design, and how it will be in proportion to the printed personalized t-shirt.

3. Less is more in the design of shirts

We all know how to appreciate Fine Arts, skill in drawing and images with great detail. And in Garment Printing, as lovers of good t-shirt designs, we like the images that make you open-mouthed or that make you turn your head in the middle of the street to see that design in detail.
A striking design is important; however, remember that the best and most effective designs in history have always been the simplest. If you are looking to create a t-shirt with a slogan or to promote your brand, always remember that less is more, and in many cases the message will be clearer and easier for the viewer to remember.
How many brands have used the design of the Ramones to promote their business and / or brand?
Many, too many. This is because people recognize the design and make them stay looking therefore see the slogan.

4. Know your audience:

One of the first questions that you must ask when designing shirts, is to which audience is directed? For men or women? How old will the audience be to whom the shirts will be addressed?
If you want to make a product for people to wear, you should know how to define what profile these people have and design depending on them.
So before you get down to work designing this shirt, first stop to think about who your product is aimed at and look for inspiration or some guidelines to follow in brands that have a style similar to the one you want to create. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, but the tastes of the people to whom the shirt design is addressed.

5. Do not be offensive:

If you are thinking of adding a bit of humor to your design, try not to make offensive or harsh messages. The designers of this type of products always try to make eye-catching designs but keeping the key of humor in a respectful tone.
In the same way, if you want to create a product with a political or religious message for those who share the same ideas, we must bear in mind that not everyone will have the same opinion or religious beliefs for which we must remain respectful in what we say.

5 tips for choosing a stair lift chair

Stairlifts have become an essential element to overcome architectural barriers for people with reduced mobility or who have some type of disability. They are very comfortable and can be installed both on the street and inside a house. However, to buy a stairlift , it is necessary to be clear about some issues. At Disel Studio, your elevator installation company in Madrid, we know that choosing between the multiple models of stair lift chairs is not an easy task. For this reason, we leave you some tips to choose the most suitable for your home (MONTASCALE).


It is important to know that when we need to install this system outdoors, we must ensure that it will be prepared to withstand the existing weather conditions and the wear and tear of time. Only in this way will we achieve a lasting system. Once this is understood, we will help you, when it comes time to choose a stair lift chair, do it with full knowledge of the cause. For this, it is necessary that you bear in mind the following 5 tips:
Know the types of stairlifts that exist in the market
Stairlifts can be classified according to the flight of stairs: straight or curved. Depending on one or another format the system will be different. Both can be used indoors or outdoors. The first thing you must be clear about is the architectural barrier to overcome to find the one that suits your needs.

Necessary space

Before choosing a stairlift, it is important to know the space we have. They exist of all sizes. In addition, folding chairs are a perfect alternative for small places.


It is fundamental to review the elements that include the installation process such as rails, battery, folding seat, platform, electrical system, etc. The duration of the installation process is also a factor to consider. Remember that these are elements whose set-up usually lasts for hours.


When you request the price of the stair lift chair, it must include sales tax, transportation and installation. If not, do not accept the purchase.
This type of products must be transported and installed by professionals, such as those you will find in Disel Studio.


Decide for the stair lift chairs that offer you the best support guarantees after the purchase. Although nothing has to happen, it is always advisable to be able to count when necessary with an adequate technical department to solve any problem. In Disel Studio, we offer you the best post-purchase guarantee for your peace of mind.

How to be Successful on YouTube in Easy Steps

In a few short years YouTube has gone from being an entertaining curiosity filled with funny videos to the world’s second largest search engine. During that span the company (along with Google) managed to harness its initial popularity to create an increasingly lucrative marketing hub as more viewers and advertisers migrated from television to the digital platform.
No longer strictly the domain of film geeks and funny video aficionados, the network, which boasts more than 2 billion video views monetized per week, can also provide a low-cost to no-cost way to create a social marketing channel for your business.
If you aren’t effectively leveraging the network, you’re missing the viral video boat. However, as with most things in life, success isn’t often attained with a haphazard, slapdash effort. Being successful on YouTube takes planning.

1. Know what “success” means.
What are you trying to achieve?
  • Video views – Do you just want a lot of people to see your video?
  • Conversions – Do you need people to click through to another website and complete an action?
  • Deeper engagement with your brand – Do you need to use your video to provide potential customers with more opportunities to interact with your brand?

2. Research keywords.

Buy youtube comments $5 Just like when you are creating content for your website, in order to be discovered on the second largest search engine, you will need to know what people are looking for. Use YouTube’s Keyword Tool to find popular searches within your space. Optimizing your digital media content for search is just as important as it is for your written content on a blog or website. You have to be strategic, do your research, and know who you want to target. Google includes YouTube videos in their search results, so cross-referencing your Google keyword research with the research you did for YouTube, can be an important step to take in the planning process.

3. Know your competition.

Search on YouTube to find other videos that already rank well for the keywords that you would like to rank for. See what it is that you are up against and seek out strategies to out-do them. This phase should also help you in your keyword research. Use this research to look into some opportunities that your competitors may not be taking advantage of. Are there any keywords that receive a lot of traffic that could possibly be easier to rank for than the ones you were initially looking into? Are there any long tail keywords you could target that might cater to some more specific questions a viewer has?

4. Create a kick-ass video.

You don’t just create viral content because you want to. Viral content – unless it happens by chance – must be well thought-out and gripping! The most sharable content happens naturally, not intentionally. This may sound counterintuitive, but sticking true to your brand and designing digital content that has a purpose for your specific audience will be informative and engaging. It may not reach millions of viewers buy youtube comments and likes cheap, but it will reach the RIGHT viewers. No one is going to pass on a video to their friend(s) if they don’t really care for it themselves. Here are a couple of ideas.

5. Fill-out your video details.

Always keep in mind your standard SEO practices when it comes to posting your finished product. Make sure all of the necessary fields are filled and focused on the targeted keywords. Put important keywords at the front of your video titles, and include them in your description and tags. Do not over-do it, just put keywords that are relevant and are backed up by your research. Keep important information above YouTube’s “Show More” fold so that users don’t have to undertake extra navigation to see necessary details. Allow your videos to be embedded. Otherwise, viewers won’t be able to share them on their websites, and the videos will only be able to be seen on YouTube. Again, it all comes back to what you know about SEO; if there is any part of the navigation that disrupts the user experience, you could lose your audience, as well as your ranking.