Circadian Rhythm and Influence in Fat Loss

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In a society controlled by time, we cannot ignore its importance when it comes to establishing the necessary strategies to lose weight. This is because our physiology will undergo a series of changes throughout the day and night that should be taken into account if we want them to act in our favor and not hinder the achievement of our objectives. These changes are intrinsic to the organism, determined genetically, and are a consequence of evolution, but they respond to their synchronization to external factors, such as light.
What happens during the sleep-wake cycle, and how darkness induces modifications in the neurotransmitters that prepare us for rest? This is just one of the examples, although of the most important ones, of how the circadian rhythm works. But what is it really about? The circadian rhythm is the pattern of physiological changes that occur in an organism over 24- hour cycles. In the same way that dusk prepares for sleep, and dawn activates wakefulness, many physiological functions are also influenced by the time of day, including food. The clock that regulates this rhythm, as it will suppose, is located in the hypothalamus.
So that our body is not in the same physiological conditions throughout the 24 hours of the cycle, so in some moments will be prepared for the activity and in others for rest. Depending on the clock, some organic functions will predominate over others. These differences are also mediated by neurotransmitters and hormones.

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