Treatment For Moles On Your Face Without Surgery

If you looked into a treatment for moles on your face, then you likely have some questions and concerns. Surgery is a treatment for moles on your face, but it has definite drawbacks, such as high cost and the potential to leave a scar. You do have options and below you will find natural treatment for moles on your face.

Treatment for Moles on Your Face – Understanding Moles

To understand treatment for moles on your face, you should appreciate what a mole is and how it is formed. With this knowledge, you will see why surgery is not necessary.

A mole is simply an area of skin that contains a cluster of dark pigment. This pigment is due to cells in your skin called melanocytes. Most of your skin is the same shade of color thanks to the normally equal distribution of pigment from your melanocytes. Yet, where you see a mole on neck, the pigment gathered in an abnormal cluster. The reason is not clearly understood.

Though it is right to think of a mole as a skin abnormality, this does not mean that every mole is dangerous. It is normal to have approximately 10 to 40 moles on your body. However, if you have a strong family history of moles and if your skin is fair, you may find that you have hundreds of moles on your body.

Having many moles on your body can be a risk factor for melanoma; this is a dangerous form of skin cancer. Also, having unusually shaped or colored moles can increase your risk. These odd looking moles are called dysplastic moles and treatment for moles on your face that are dysplastic is only recommended after you consult with your doctor.

Treatment for Moles on Your Face – Why Not Surgery?

Surgery can be a successful treatment for moles on your face. The issue lies in the fact that surgery can leave a noticeable scar and will cost a lot. I have had two moles removed surgically and can attest to both of these factors.

The first mole I had removed surgically was done before I knew there was a successful natural treatment for moles on your face or body. It also came before I was smart enough to know the ridiculous price tag that comes with surgical treatment for moles or that my insurance considered the mole removal cosmetic surgery and held me responsible for payment. My out-of-pocket expense for one mole to be removed was over $300.

The second mole I had removed was in the crease of my left elbow and for this mole, surgery was required because it was a basal cell carcinoma. This is a less aggressive form of skin cancer than a melanoma, but still should not be removed using treatment for moles on your face or anywhere on your body.

However, surgically removing this cancerous mole on my arm left a scar that ended up being about three times the size of the original mole. It is very noticeable and thankfully not on my face where it would be hard to cover up. Morale of the story is wear your sun screen because the only treatment for moles on your face that are cancerous is to surgically remove them and that means a permanent scar.

Natural Treatment for Moles on Your Face

Natural treatment for moles on your face has been used for years but it wasn’t until the Internet brought these natural treatments to a bigger audience that so many have been able to use these methods.

You will find working with a natural treatment for moles on your face a much more pleasing approach. This is because the harmless ingredients disrupt the mole at its source. This removes the mole completely and prevents the mole from redeveloping on your skin.

A natural treatment for moles on your face will also give you the best chance of avoiding a scar. Surgery or harsh acidic compounds abuse the skin and while they may remove the mole quickly, they leave a lingering mark that can be as bad as the original mole.

The biggest advantage to home or natural treatment for moles on your face is the low cost and easy availability of the needed ingredients. Most ingredients are found in the local grocery store and the entire cost for treatment of mole on your face can be well under $20.

You will want to prepare your mole for removal and apply the natural treatment as recommended to speed things along.

What if you are afraid you will screw things up?

I know how it can be to worry about doing something wrong when removing a mole on your own, especially a mole on your face! If you want to get rid of your mole without worry you’ll need to learn a single method that works amazingly well.